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Eine Expertemeinung zu unserem Bier aus dem Ausland

Hallo Andreas,

It was a real pleasure to see you at your brewery last week. (Some pictures attached)

I am most impressed with your brewery and also with the beers that you produce. My thoughts on your beers – both your beers are an adventure. You start with the big bottle, then have a little play to open it and then the fun of pouring from a larger than normal bottle. The beers foam beautifully and tell a story. A good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Your beers pour perfectly and offer a pleasant nose – especially with the local grown bananas (!). With the first sip of Vollbier the malt flavour shines through, but held in check by the balanced bitterness and smoked malt which become apparent a little later leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The wheat beer has a very pleasant smooth sweet taste which is counter-acted by the esters. The bitterness comes through in the aftertaste.  The play with the big bottle continues as you learn to hold the stopper at the end of pouring. If you don’t, it flips under the beer which then goes elsewhere and not in the glass. 🙂

The beers survived the travel and were put in the refrigerator when we arrived back in England approx 36hrs after leaving you. But stock levels are dropping alarmingly quickly. Linda’s son Sam loves the Vollbier and said „Where can I buy it?“

Nickolas Ricketts, Brewmaster Burton on Trent